Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Goergeous George Galloway

Bully to George Galloway for finally going to capitol hill and not giving Norm Coleman a chance to look as if anything he is doing is important.I wonder if Coleman will alswo investigate the $8.8 billion that is missing in Iraq.It was lost under the C.P.A. and of course noone on the republican side has decided to investigate it.Once again the GOP has decide to distract the American public with a story that serves only to keep our minds off of the corruption in the Bush white house.Maybe someday some brave soul will stand up in the Senate and demand that Mr. Coleman investigate the lost money in Iraq.I know Dick Durbin has asked why noone is talking about it but i'm not really sure anyone in Washington really cares.

Republicans have their cookies stolen

Today in a stunning development on capitol hill senator Bill Frist(R,Tn) announced:

"Never before in the history of the Senate has another party come forward with a differing opinion.After 215 years of history and tradition a menace has appeared that could forever change the way we do business on capitol hill.This menace comes in the form of an oppsition party called "the democrats".These unpatriotic partisans have it in their mind that they have a right to oppose what we and the president want to do.This is unprecedented.It has been the history of our government that when a republican president is elected he gets his way without any questions asked.This "opposition" must cease and desist if anything is to get done in Washington.Without a blank check how are we to do the business of the people?"